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Developer | One Bernam

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This is a brief introduction of the One Bernam Developer, HY-MCC (Bernam) Pte Ltd.

MCC Land

MCC Land, since 2010 incorporation, has successfully completed numerous projects to date with superb quality. Thus establishing itself as an active key player in the Singapore property  market. To this end, MCC Land has grown to become Singapore’s top 10 property developers for 3 consecutive years. On top of this, it has also won the “Asia’s Top Influential Brands” award too.

Hao Yuan Investments

Hao Yuan Investments, also known as HY Realty Pte Ltd, successfully won the bid for the GLS tender at S$440.9 million. To date over the past decade, it has already completed several developments such as Queens Peak, Sea Horizon Northwave, jus t to name a few.

Together, they formed a collaboration to develop One Bernam.

The above listed projects are some examples of the amazing track records completed by the One Bernam Developer.

Proudly Developed by MCC and HaoYuan Realty

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